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About Me

I was born in Sakhalin island on Far East of Russia, and I grew up there too. I spent my childhood surrounded by аthletics and dancing. I guess, I had a passion for modeling from my sixteens, when I had my first home photoshoot. Since then I started to take a part in beauty contests as many as I could. I took a places in FHM and MAXIM magazines several times, but never went on. After two years of this quiet participation, I took a leap of faith and grab the tickets for Moscow and flew away for one day – I needed to visit the casting shoot in MAXIM office to move on and make the victory is closer to me. And those flight helped me to become one of the 10 finalists of Miss MAXIM 2009 contest. I became Vice-Miss MAXIM 2009. And I became brave enough for moving to Moscow.

After moving to Moscow, it wasn’t long before I became go-go dancer in famous Moscow night club Soho Rooms. I was the Queen every Friday and Saturday night, visit new countries and open new people. At the same time I started to practice acting and modeling skills. In 2011 I was one of 50 finalist of Miss Russia contest where I presented my home city – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In 2012 I realised I want one of my biggest dreams comes true. And I went to USA for a several months. It was great journey after that I stopped to be a part of Soho Rooms family, but it worth for 100%. After my coming back to Moscow in 2013 I took a part in casting of Ukrainian reality show “I want to VIA GRA” and started to be a TV host of Bingo Boom lottery.

In August 2014 I was a model and dancer at Moscow International Auto Saloon. And in the end of the year me and my team made my new official calendar and at this time it was World’s first calendar captured with iPhone only.

Next year was the real hot: there was a lot of publications and shoots, for example, the interview for Men’s Health Russia with the Italian shoot by Serge Lee and the lookbook for Russian fashion brand YB Atelier. Also FHM Spain was charmed by me and they put my supasexy shoot in June issue. Then I went to Dusseldorf for participating in METEC 2015 exhibition. Since August 2015 I became the girl of exclusive dance show Strana Ozz what comes to combination of a sparkling glamor and a provocative essence of burlesque.



KATYAGRA – Stop! Stop! Stop!


Katerina Vanhanen – The Book

Photographer Nikolay Mokhnachev // Makeup and hair Elena Li

Sakhalin Photoshoot 2019


2012 Soho Rooms Go-Go Dancing


American Football Photoshoot


KatyaGra – I Don’t Understand


BTS: Calendar 2017


BTS: shuString magazine



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